To provide children with a well rounded and stimulating learning experience, we plan a range of enrichment activities throughout the year.

These activities may take the shape of special theme days (or family days) that enable us to immerse ourselves in a topic and explore learning in exciting ways. Where appropriate, we arrange the school in a vertical structure mixing children from 1 to 6. We call these our 'Family Groups'. 

We also take every opportunity to enrich our everyday curriculum. An overview of units of work studied in class can be found in the 'classes' section of this website. We plan ways to celebrate our learning at the end of each term this may be through an assembly, a exhibition or the creation of collective piece of work. At least once a year, classes have the opportunity to take part in a school trip or have a special visitor come to the school to support their class based learning.  

We make every attempt to provide all children in the school with an opportunity to play an instrument. In recent years year 3 and 4 children have taken part in a series of drumming workshops. We also offer peripatetic lessons in violin, flute, drums, keyboard and guitar. There is a cost for these lessons. 

At St. Mary's we offer a wide range of after school clubs and we make every effort to ensure that these are varied and include sports, craft, computing and cooking clubs. The clubs offered each term will be listed in the school newsletter. 

Our most recent addition to our enrichment programme is St. Marys 101. More information about this exciting initiative can be found by clicking here.