Welcome to Lemon and Lime class!



Mrs Ridd (Mon, Tues and Wed) 





Mrs Jones (Wed, Thurs and Fri)


Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Stone & Mrs Cornock.



Mrs Chaney (Mon – Thursday)




Mrs Timms (Wed PM and Fri)


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Cornock & Mrs Higgs.

We are very lucky here in Reception to be able to share your children’s first year in school with them. All of the adults in Lemon and Lime Classes are committed to making every day exciting and full of fun and magic to support your children in their learning journey.

We communicate through Tapestry and Dojo; please send the school office an email or come and speak to us if you are having any difficulties accessing these.



Here at St Mary’s we know that play is the most vital component for your child’s development as it creates the conditions for your child to test the world, to make sense of it, to grow the skills they need to communicate, to negotiate and express themselves.

What happens in the early years lasts for a lifetime and the EYFS team can’t wait to welcome all our wonderful new families and children.

In term 1 we will be exploring our new environment and getting to know each other. Through our play we will be introducing the children to the Message Centre. This soon becomes the heartbeat of the classroom. Your children will quickly realise that mark making is fun and joyous and it soon becomes something they want to do again and again. There is nothing more exciting than discovering a hidden message in your shoe or hiding one for someone else to discover!

We have created a language rich environment for your children to enjoy. Your children will be learning a poem with actions each week so that they quickly build up a wonderful bank of poems to share and enjoy. We will also be introducing your children to Drawing Club. This is when we immerse the children in the world of story and unearth their imaginations. We embark upon story dreaming and we show the children the possibility of learning through modelled drawings and then we show them how much we value their own dreams and encourage them to draw with us. It is simply magical!

Our value this term is ‘Respect’ and our Global Curriculum link is ‘Peace and Conflict’. We will be exploring some Bible stories that will help us understand what the word ‘Respect’ actually means and we will be thinking about how our own actions have consequences. We will explore some ways to avoid, manage and resolve conflict through role play and stories. The children will be encouraged to consider ways in which we can help when something goes wrong and how we can use our Brave Changemaker skills such as making decisions and communicating in a respectful way.

In our Jigsaw lessons we will be exploring feelings and emotions. The children will have the space and time to consider what it feels like to belong and how we look after each other.  The concept of Calm Me time will also be introduced. Jigsaw is a mindful approach and Calm Me time is designed to teach children techniques to relax their bodies and calm their minds.

We have an exciting term ahead of us and really can’t wait to become part of your children’s learning journey.