Year 3 & 4

Welcome to Ash, Sycamore & Beech Class! 

We’re really excited to have the children back in school with us! Our classes are taught by Mrs Silverthorn (Ash), Mrs Oakley and Miss Lockyer (Sycamore) and Mrs Bright and Mrs Eggleshaw (Beech).  We’re lucky enough to have the Teaching Assistants Mrs Morris and Mrs Ross supporting year 3/4. We also have Zak from Bristol Sports coming in to coach the children.  We’re extremely keen to get started on our new curriculum! 


Ash – Mrs Silverthorn

Sycamore - Mrs Oakley & Miss Lockyer

Beech - Mrs Bright & Mrs Eggleshaw




Terms 1 & 2 Global theme: Identity and Diversity 

'How can we help people belong?'

During terms 1 & 2, we will learn about the journey of a river and begin to understand who we are and where we have come from. This will lead us to look at Bristol and understand who calls Bristol their home with a historical focus on the Windrush Generation and the Slave Trade.  Finally, it will lead us to discover what the river brought and left in Bristol. Amongst all of this, we will look at our diverse culture and how we can help people belong.  

We will be looking at several core texts in Literacy to better understand the journey of a river and the Windrush generation. The core texts include Henry's Freedom Box, Journey, and the Village that vanished. 

Our final product will be a carnival celebration to help us understand how we can celebrate diversity and help people to belong. 

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Terms 3&4 What can we learn about fairness from different communities?

What can we learn about fairness from different communities?

As Historians children will focus on understanding Stone Age communities. Children will know the timeline linked to the three phases of the Stone Age era and how society changed over this time. Children will use what they have understood about tribal communities to explore native American tribes.

As Geographers children will focus on mapping using the compass points to locate UK/America/ Canada and Alaska. Children will explore the physical geography of Alaska and Canada.

Our end of Unit Product will be to promote donations to the foodbank

Our focused texts:






Term 5 & 6 How can we make our environment more sustainable? 

History: How did the Ancient Egyptians live sustainably?

  • The ancient Egyptians were amongst the first groups of people to farm on a large scale.
  • Tutankhamun was the last of his dynasty of pharaohs.
  • The ancient Egyptians invented one of the earliest known writing systems called
  • The ancient Egyptians had many gods and Rituals were performed in Temples to keep the gods happy.
  • They preserved the bodies of wealthy people as mummies, and buried them in tombs and in


Geography: What impact can tourism have on the environment?

  • The capital city of Egypt is Cairo
  • The River Nile runs though Egypt and flows into the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Egypt is in a desert biome in northern Africa
  • Average rainfall in Egypt is 2.5cm each year
  • Many countries rely on tourism for their economy but tourism activities can have a negative impact on the environment.

Literacy focus: