Year 3 & 4

Welcome to Ash, Sycamore & Beech Class! 

We’re really excited to have the children back in school with us! Our classes are taught by Mrs Silverthorn (Ash), Mr Moon (Sycamore) and Mrs Timms and Mrs Eggleshaw (Beech).  We’re lucky enough to have two Teaching Assistants Mrs Morris and Mrs Ross supporting year 3/4.We also have Zak from Bristol Sports coming in to coach the children.  We’re extremely keen to get started on our new curriculum! 


Ash – Mrs Silverthorne

Sycamore - Mr Moon

Beech - Mrs Timms & Mrs Eggleshaw




Terms 1 & 2


Welcome back to school!  This term in year 3/4 we are answering the big question ‘How can we help people belong?’  There are two strands to this topic.  We begin with a geography focus, following clues provided by our ‘hook’ and using the journey of the local river into Yate to help us explore what Yate used to be like, human and physical features as well as learning about the structure of rivers.  In term 2 our focus changes to look at history in terms of people who have travelled to Bristol, in particular the windrush generation.  We will consider, using historical sources, how these people were treated and how we can help everyone in our diverse community to have a sense of belonging, no matter where they have come from.  We look forward to inviting parents in toward the end of term 2 to share in a carnival experience with us to celebrate our learning and bring our school community together.

Year 3  Connected Curriculum Map Terms 1 & 2

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Terms 3 & 4

During term 3 the children will be learning about different societies throughout History as well as comparing their own life to that of other people around the world.  This learning will include finding out about what made Stone Age society fair, particularly with a focus around everyone having a role to play and no food being wasted. We will be finding out about the past by using a range of different sources of information and will consider how reliable they are and what they can teach us about the past.  

Moving on into term 4 children will focus on food waste.  They will investigate how much food is wasted at school and consider what could be done about this.  They will use their brave changemaker skills to make decisions and reflect on their own lives following discussions and research.  Children will end their topic by creating a campaign to encourage people to donate to their local foodbank as a way of supporting other families in the community and avoid wasting food.

Term 4 will also be a busy term as we prepare for the whole school gallery, where will be showcasing our artwork from this term as well as our poetry.  On top of that, we are also hoping to put on a fantastic Easter production!

Year 3 & 4 Connective Curriculum Terms 3 & 4 

Terms 5 & 6

During Term 5 our Sustainable environmental develop topic is focused around learning how we can be more sustainable.  We will begin by focusing on geography subject knowledge around volcanoes and mountains.  We will think about how and why people live in these environments, how they use the resources sustainably and what they gain from living here.  We will then study a mountain range which is one of the sources of the river Nile. 

Term 6: The work from term 5 will lead us into our term 6 history learning about ancient Egypt.  Children will learn about beliefs, tombs, mummification as well as finding out what daily life would be like for different people in the Egyptian times.  Throughout this learning they will keep reflecting on the big question ‘How can we make our environment more sustainable?’.  The topic will end with the children creating a ‘pyramid of sustainability’, an art installation which we hope will be displayed in a public place in Yate! More details to follow on this!

Year 3 & 4 Connective Curriculum Terms 5 & 6


You can also use class dojo to keep up to date with the learning taking place in your child’s classroom.