iSingPop Christmas

In December 2019, KS2 children at St Mary's were involved in an exciting project with a charity called 'iSingPop'.

In a partnership with St Mary's Church, supported by the Friends of St Mary's, the children learnt songs with professional vocal coaches, recorded a Christmas album and then performed the songs at the church in two performances.

The evening performance was particularly special as the children performed at the launch of the St Mary's Church Christmas Tree Festival, attended by Bishop Viv, the Bishop of Bristol. 

It was a really fantastic community event and a brilliant way to start off the Christmas season!

Chair of the 'Christmas Tree Festival' planning committee, Mary Farrell, wrote: "As a group we had said the opening night needed Wow Factor, and wow did we get that and in bucket loads!!  It was truly amazing to hear their performance, I was fortunate enough to be at the afternoon performance too, and incredible to know that all the words, music and actions had been learned during the preceding four days alongside normal lessons.  The children were a huge credit to you and the staff at St Mary’s School and their families. When I first understood iSingPOP staff would spend only four days with the children in various groupings, I must admit I was expecting something good but not to be totally blown away by their professionalism and the sheer enjoyment they conveyed through their singing to the packed church of families, friends and visitors."