Home Reading

During Reception and KS1 all children will follow a reading scheme. These books will progressively introduce the children to different phonic patterns, common exception words and increasingly more complex sentence structures and story lines. 

Many children remain on the reading scheme as they enter KS2 until they reach a standard of reading and understanding that enables them to confidently select and read books of their own choice. At this stage, children are welcome to borrow a book from school or bring a book in from home each day. We ask that they are committed to finished their book if it's within the correct ability range. 

Choosing the correct book at staying motivated to read it is very challenging as an adult so you can imagine how hard this is for the children! We ask that parents support children to engage with their book at least 5 times per week even when they are in year 6. Below you will find some tips and questions that you could ask to support your child's understanding of the text: