Partnership with St Helen's

In May, 2019, after a period of consideration between the two governing bodies, St Mary’s formed a Primary School Partnership with St Helen's in Alveston.

As part of this, Mr Spens has become ‘Executive Headteacher’ over the two schools, with Mrs Scriven becoming ‘Head of School’ at St Mary's and Mr Chappell becoming ‘Head of School’ at St Helen’s.

Our Mission: Growing together, pursuing life in all its fullness


The communities of St Mary’s and St Helen’s Primary Schools are passionate about our two schools. We want to see them grow and develop to deliver the best possible opportunities and experiences for our pupils. We believe that a partnership between the two schools is a fantastic way for us to do that.

It is our aim that the two communities grow together, sharing with and learning from each other, respecting and retaining the individuality that we love so much. Rooted firmly in our shared Christian values and distinctive Christian ethos, we believe that partnership will enable us to achieve more. Growing together, we will enhance opportunities for excellence, enjoyment and exploration within the schools with the aim of improving pupils’ achievement and enriching their experiences, preparing them for the next phase of their learning and life.

"To dare more boldly. To venture on seas where storms will show God's mastery; Where losing sight of land, we shall find the stars."

Prayer of Sir Francis Drake, explorer, 1540-1596.


Partnership Principles:

Our principles are set to enable us to achieve the aims in our school’s individual vision statements, where we found real commonality:

St Mary’s: Enjoy, Explore, Excel: Be amazing

St Helen’s: Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement together