Vision and Values

Vision - 'Enjoy, Explore, Excel together; be amazing!'

Our vision statement ‘Explore, Enjoy, Excel together; be amazing’ captures the ambition that we have for our children to be the best that they can be. We believe that every child is created uniquely and so it is our role to make sure that their individual gifts are nurtured so that children can reach their aspirations, believe in themselves and work together to achieve great things.

Our vision finds its root in Psalm 139, verse 14: ‘I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made’. It is derived from the fact that we are all unique, all fearfully and wonderfully made, made in God’s image with talents and dreams that we want to nurture at St Mary’s. So it is about valuing individuals, but more broadly it is about us as a community.

Our vision motivates us to be a school community who through our vision and values create warm, supportive, positive relationships, allowing every person (staff, pupils, parents, governors and more) to ‘be amazing’ and ‘be the best that they can be.’

To unpack this further, the school community have come up with which now we use to bring this vision to life:

Explore: explore your talents and dreams, explore life, explore big questions, rexplore faith, explore them together, have confidence to take risks

Enjoy: who you were made to be, enjoy the everyday, be in the moment, enjoy the present, enjoy learning, enjoy friendships and enjoy belonging to our diverse community

Excel: give your best, unlock your God-given potential, go above and beyond, ‘let your light shine’

Be amazing: be all that you have been born to be!

Our vision underpins everything we do and drives our future direction. Our recent partnership with St Helen’s Primary School started with the two school visions and our shared partnership vision directly supports us at St Mary’s on achieving our own vision. It’s our belief that as two Church of England Primary Schools, we can go further when we go together.

How our values and vision weave together:

Our values are central to the way that we live together as a school community. Like a tapestry, they weave in and out of our vision and through everything that we want to achieve. 


Mapping School Values with British Values