Subject Rational  

At St Mary’s we want our pupils to be digitally literate and participate responsibly in a digital world, both now and in the future. Our computing curriculum therefore teaches the principles of data, programming, media, online safety and looks at the impact of technology on our lives. We believe that computer technology should be recognised for the value that it can bring to daily life and the future lives of our students. 


How we teach Computing

Our computing curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before. For more information on our computing curriculum areas and our progression of learning objectives see these links: 

Computing Progression Y1/2

Computing Progression Y3/4

Computing Progression Y5/6

How Computing is assessed at St Mary’s 

Computing is assessed using teacher judgement against the specific skills and knowledge taught that term, in line with the overview created by the subject leader.  This assessment is divided into skills and knowledge. Children are also given the opportunity to evaluate their own learning as well, and use sentence stems to support this.