Year 4

Welcome to Beech and Sycamore Class!

We’re really excited to have the children back in school with us! Beech class is in the main building and is taught by Mrs Eggleshaw and Mrs Bright and Sycamore is the “log cabin” building on the KS1 playground and is taught by Mr Moon.  We’re lucky enough to have Mrs Morris teaching us French and resident artist Mrs Rigarlsford.  We also have Zak from Bristol Sports coming in to coach the children.  We’re extremely keen to get started on our new curriculum! 


Beech Class - Mrs Eggleshaw and Mrs Bright

Sycamore - Mr Moon


Terms 1 & 2

In Terms 1 & 2, we will be introducing our Brave Changemakers who will become our team icons to replace the coloured family groups.

Terms 5 & 6

For term 5 we are excited to be learning about what happened to the dinosaurs!  We will look at fossils and discover how they are formed and learn about earthquakes and volcanoes.  We will also find out about the habitats around the world during the time of the dinosaurs and discover what these amazing animals ate.

For term 6 our learning will move on to learn about the human impact on birds and the 6th extinction. Throughout our topic we will consider what ‘footprint’ we will leave behind on Earth and the impact of our actions on the planet.