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St Mary's Against Bullying

At St. Mary's we take bullying very seriously and want to make sure that everyone is happy when they are in school. It would be naive of us to think that bullying doesn't ever happen in school but any accusations are investigated in full and necessary support and actions are put into place as is appropriate.

You can find our antibullying policy by clicking here.

If you think your child may be experiencing problems in school it is important that you:

1. Speak with your child. Try not to use any leading questions. Often it is best to speak with the children in a casual manner when they are engaged in something else eg. drawing. This way they feel comfortable to speak openly and honestly.

Good questions to ask include:

How was your day at school? What did you play at lunchtime/playtime?  

Leading questions may include:

Did you have problems in school today? Was 'Sam' mean to you in class?

2. Speak to/email your child's class teacher if you have any problems.

3. If you a still have concerns arrange to meet the headteacher.


You may find the following links useful:

Ant-bullying network parent's page

Kidscape anti-bullying helpline for parents

BBC Parent guide to bullying


Also look at the links we have put in the children's section of our website. These links provide information through games and videos and offer support and advice.