St Mary's C.E. Primary School

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Welcome to the Foundation Stage 

In the Early Years we have two classes:

Lemon and Lime

Our web page shows what we are learning.


In class we are learning... to get to know each other, to find our way around the school and to know the behavioural expectations for our classes.

Cross-Curricular Theme

The Little Red Hen



Numbers 7, 8 and 9

Religious Education

SEAL(Social and Emotional aspects of Learning) 


 Dear Parents/Carers
Thank you for attending parent's evening last week. We hope that you found it useful finding out how you child has settled into school and how you can support them with their learning to achieve their targets. Please remember that if you have any concerns about your child it is always best to discuss them face to face, just come in to class to arrange a convenient time for a meeting.
This week is harvest week in school, which ends with a harvest service in church on Friday. We would like donations of the following items please. Instant coffee, Sugar, Red lentils and other dried pulses, Baked beans and other tinned items, Tomatoes - tinned, passata, tomato purée, Spices and seasoning (salt, pepper, mixed herbs, paprika, chilli and curry powder), Porridge oats, Condiments - ketchup, brown sauce, mayo, Spreads - jam, peanut butter, honey, Marmite, Gravy granules and stock cubes, which will be donated to a charity in Easton. Thank you.
The children will learn about harvest through the story of the Little Red Hen. They will sequence pictures and then retell the story. There will be lots of opportunities for creative activities as well. We will also discuss with the children the importance of a healthy diet, with a balance of foods, and the children will sort foods in to healthy and not so healthy foods. They will also make a plate of food from junk materials.
In numeracy we are continuing to work on numbers. This week focusing on numbers 7, 8 and 9. There will be a range of practical activities to consolidate children's understanding of these numbers as well as daily practise of number writing. We will continue to support the children who are not yet recognising these numbers through a small group intervention.
In phonics this week we will learn four more sounds, t, n, i and p. Please support your child to complete their homework and also help them to recall the sounds and begin to blend the sounds together to read simple words. The first word cards for blending will come home on Monday.

 Please could you ensure that you child has a waterproof coat in school, especially on a Friday when the children go outside with Mrs Shuttleworth for Forest Skills.

Thank you for your support.

The Foundation Stage Team.



 Mark 10 v. 13-16