St Mary's C.E. Primary School

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Welcome to the Foundation Stage 

In the Early Years we have two classes:

Lemon and Lime




Connected Curriculum Theme


Numeracy Number
Religious Education


School Value: Friendship

Brave Changemaker Skills

Self awareness and reflection


Personal, Social and Emotional Education

Friendship and changes


Dear parents/carers,

In School (info for parents whose child is in school)

This week in school we will be focusing on the transition from Early Years to Year 1. Helping the children to say goodbye to their current teachers and class mates and looking forward to their new classes. We will be celebrating the year by thinking about the different memories they have had in Lemon and Lime Classes – what was their favourite activity, their proudest achievement, what new friends they have made and what they like doing with them, what are they looking forward to in Year 1 and considering what they will miss from their first year at St Mary’s.

There will be a final class zoom during the week for each class to say goodbye to staff and their class mates, so look out for the details for these meetings.

Please make sure that any school books are returned and remember to make sure you collect all your belongings from school on the last day.

Home Learning (info for parents whose child is continuing to learn at home)

For those children still at home, the home learning will continue to follow the project system we have been using over the lockdown period. This week the theme is ‘Changes’ looking at the same sorts of activities as those in school.

The weekly project page will be on the website as usual for you to read.

Through all written activities we are encouraging children to use their sounds, remember finger spaces between words, add a full stop and try to sit their writing on the line.

Don’t forget that we have a zoom story from Mrs Stone/Mrs Timms at 2.30 pm (87489344823/Barbara) and Mrs Scriven’s bedtime story at 4.00 pm on Monday (82358728668/storytime); Mrs Lane’s sing-a-long Assembly at 10.00 am on Tuesday; (74222777032/Singing) with our 3 Assemblies on the partnership YouTube channel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which can be found on this link: (these go live at 8.00 am on the day, but can be watched at any time).

Thank you for your support over the last year and have a really great summer holiday.

The Foundation Stage Team