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Welcome to the Foundation Stage 

In the Early Years we have two classes:

Lemon and Lime

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Cross-Curricular Theme



Numeracy Subtraction
Religious Education

SEAL(Social and Emotional aspects of Learning) 





Dear Parents/Carers,

This week our theme is Diwali. On Monday, we will begin our theme by introducing the story of Diwali. Over the two Mum’s days, each Mum and child will decorate a jam jar and create a Rangoli pattern with coloured rice. Children, whose Mums are not able to come in, will do the same activities over the other days. Other activities will include Menghi patterns, acting out the story of Diwali with masks/puppets and colouring Diwali patterns. Please remember to send in as many clean jars of any size as possible.

In numeracy this week we are introducing subtraction. There will be lots of practical examples of subtraction, before we move on to using Numicon and pictorial methods to complete simple sums. Some children will begin to record their sums as well using the correct mathematical symbols. It would be useful for children to count backwards from 10 / 20 to help them with the idea of subtraction. Emphasis will be on saying the number one less than a given number.

Daily phonic lessons will continue as usual to learn the sounds j, v, y and w. Please continue to support your child at home by practising the sounds and then starting to blend sounds together to form simple CVC words. For those children who need a little more help to learn the sounds we will continue with small group interventions. We also have a small intervention group for those children who cannot yet recognise and sequence numbers to 10.

To increase the children’s use of their phonics knowledge we will be encouraging them to write CVC and CCCV words for labels on displays.

Our four first year trainee teachers will continue observing us and working, under our guidance, with individuals, or with small groups of children.

Don’t forget to look for Lemon and Lime Class photos in the Gazette, in the shops now!

Please remember that ‘toast’ money needs to be sent in to school on Monday for any days in the week that toast is required. It is too time consuming to have to deal with money and change orders every day. Please fill in a slip and put it in a named envelope. If you need any more slips please ask a member of staff. Thank you.

Thank you again for your continued support.

The Foundation Stage Team










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