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Welcome to the Foundation Stage 

In the Early Years we have two classes:

Lemon and Lime

Our web page shows what we are learning. 

Cross-Curricular Theme

All About Me


Numeracy 2d shapes, counting objects, recognising numbers
Religious Education Thankfulness 

SEAL(Social and Emotional aspects of Learning) 

Dear Parent/Carers

Well the time has come for us to welcome your child to St Mary's and we are very excited. Thank you for making us so welcome in your homes last week, we really enjoyed our visits and finding out a bit more about your child and we hope you and your child also found the visits useful. 

This week we will be spending lots of time playing with your child, supporting them in their play and encouraging them to start forming friendships with their classmates. We will spend time exploring the classroom resources as well as talking about and practising following the rules of the school and class. We will play circle games to encourage children to get to know their classmates and have daily group sessions of listening to stories and singing songs and rhymes. We will go on a tour of the school and meet some of the other staff and children. 

Over the next 3 weeks, we will be carrying out a baseline assessment on each child in order for us to plan for their next steps and to support their learning and development across the curriculum. These assessments will be completed through observing and working with your child whilst they are involved in informal play activities or working with them 1:1 or in small groups. This week we will be focusing on 2d shape names, colours, counting objects and recognising numbers as well as asking the children to do a painting and cutting around a shape. On Friday we plan to do P.E. in the hall.

Please send your child into school with wellies and a P.E. kit that they will keep in school as well as bringing their water bottle (with only water in), a book bag and a waterproof coat every day. 

I have set up your child's Tapestry Learning Journal over the weekend and you should now have received an email explaining how you can logon. We will start adding observations to it from tomorrow so that you can see what your child is getting up to in school as well as us showing their achievements and next steps in learning. If you have not received an email or are having trouble logging on, please see Mrs Lane after your child's session and she can help you. The app is free and is an easy way to logon. 

We will also be introducing your child to Dojo this week. Dojo is a behaviour system used across the school, where your child gets points for following the school / class rules and allows parents to see their progress. For those parents who have had children in reception before, we will use Dojo instead of the sunshine / cloud system we have used in previous years. We will set up parental access to this once we have introduced it to the children so please look out for an email about this as well. 

You may have noticed on the most recent newsletter that we have planned in two opportunities where we can share with you how we will teach your child phonics, reading and writing and we also use this meeting to share with you some other general class and school info. The meeting is about half an hour long and you will only need to attend one as the information will be the same in both. The first meeting will be at 9am on Thursday 26th September. Please drop your child to school as normal and then come to the school meeting room via the main office. The second meeting will be after school at 3:10pm in Lemon Class on Thursday 3rd October. Staff will supervise your children (and siblings) in Lime Class for the duration of the after school meeting. A letter will be in your child's bookbag in the next few weeks so we can gauge numbers for the meetings. 

Finally, if your child is doing morning sessions next week, just a reminder that the school gates will be open from 8:40am and children can come straight into class via the class back door. Your child's class teacher will be at the door ready to great them. You are welcome into class on Monday to help your child find their peg and drawer and to settle them in. After Monday, we will encourage your child to say goodbye to you at the door and to start becoming more independent at sorting their things into the right place. Please be reassured that from our experience, if your child is upset separating from you, we can normally distract them and any upset is short lived. We will try and send you a Tapestry message or text to let you know they have settled and if we have any concerns, we will contact you. 

We know that tomorrow is big moment for you and your child and whilst it is hopefully exciting, we recognise that you will be experiencing lots of emotions as well. We will do everything we can to make the process of starting school as smooth and enjoyable as possible and want to thank you for your continuing support. Please do speak to us if you have any questions. 

Thank you, 

The Foundation Stage Team