St Mary's C.E. Primary School

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Spelling Yr 5/6

Y5/6 homework set  15.03.19  due 20.03.19

Homework this week is a worksheet on grammar about modal verbs and hyphens, dashes and brackets.

Year 6s also have some MyMaths tasks to complete

The current spelling rule for all of 5/6:   

The current spelling rule (15.03.19) is hypenated words such as:

ex-president   two-year-olds   self-assessed   

snail-like   all-seeing    sugar-free  

There are also some words from our 100 words spelling list:

existence    cemetery    communicate   language   community   occupy  

disastrous    curiosity      average   profession


You will be tested weekly on seven words from the rule and three from this selection of the 100 words.