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Welcome to Year 1

This year we have two straight year 1 classes. The Year 1 classes are:

Cherry and Elm

You can click the class names to find out information specific to the class. This web page shows what we are learning, year group news and useful links.


In Class we are learning...




 We are continuing with RWI. 


Here are some websites with sentence and word games that children can play at home: - Lots of great activities based on building sentences, connectives, punctuation and more. - Spellings games - Loads of activities divided into Grammar games (for practicing using a range of words in writing) and Punctuation games (for using a range of punctuation in the correct places). - A selection of games for practically every area of Literacy!

We also have a range of word mats that we use in class, click on the red words to open the mats.  You can use these at home to help develop your childs language.  You could give them an opener, an adjective and/or a connective to put into their own sentence, talk about the meaning of unknown words or challenge them to change their sentences using more interesting words

Reading and spellings

We would really appreciate it if all children could practise reading and spelling the high frequency words (which can be found HERE).

We have put together some questions which can be used when talking about books with your child at home.  These will help to develop their understanding of the text.  We have grouped these into Questions for developing readers, Questions for reading and Questions for more able readers.

click here to see the spellings page. -

If you would like more books to read at home, you can access many different fiction and non-fiction texts by following this link : Please also remember that we do have books which children can take one of at a time, these are found in our class and are levelled by colour.



Term 2

The children will be learning to :- 

Partition numbers 

Work out 1 more and 1 less than a given number

Add and take away 

To tell the time O'clock and half past

Multiply and divide numbers

Count in 2s, 5s and 10s


We would ask that you please practise number bonds to 10 and 20 at home with your child.  You can find a sheet explaining what number bonds are HERE as well as a number bond rhyme which may help in learning the pairs HERE.  It is important that children learn these, as they will be useful for children when they begin adding and subtracting mentally.  Once your child knows them and can recite them quickly, they could also practise adding single digit numbers to two digit numbers.

Here are some useful websites for practicing known facts at home, if you use other websites that your child enjoys and you think others would like it too, email me the link and I will post it here ( - Lots of fun activities set for different age groups. - Good for addition and subtraction. - Good for recognising numbers, ordering, and printables. - Good timed flashcards for addition/subtraction. -Lots of activities for different areas of maths. - You need to register for this site but it is free. There are good addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. - Good number problems playing around with addition/subtraction. - Good for a huge variety of skills and focused for different year groups. (Keyboard Typing)



This is a skills based term. The children will be learning to;-

log on 

develop typing skills

develop word processing skills

save work



   Stick Man 

Can I identify features of my local area?

Can I identify human features of an area?

Can I identify physical features of an area?

Can I understand geographical similarities and differences?

Can I observe changes across the four seasons?

Can I describe the weather associated with the seasons and how the day length varies? 




Religious Education

 Does celebrating Chanukah make Jewish children feel closer to God? 







Getting on and Falling out 


Anti- Bullying Week 12th November


"Odd Sock Day"   - 

Respect the differences 


Please follow the link to this week's homework

Other news

 Phonic screening PowerPoint 




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