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Admissions Arrangements 

Children joining from another school 

As a voluntary aided school, St. Mary's are responsible for their own admissions. Therefore, if you wanted your child to move to this school from another setting, you would need to contact the school directly. The school will then be able to advise you as to whether or not we have space in the year group that you require. You would then be invited to view the school and would need to complete an admissions form.

Waiting lists are held by the school and are administered as per the admissions criteria below.


Children starting Reception in September 2020

Should the number of applications for reception places exceed 45; the places will be allocated using the following criteria:

Children with an EHCP will be admitted where the school is named within their EHCP. This is not a part of the over subscription criteria.

Firstly –children public care (as defined by section 22 of the 1989 children Act), including those who have ever been previously ‘looked after’ children.

Secondly to children who already have a sibling on roll in the school at the time when the child is admitted.

Children are siblings if they are half or full brother/sister, or they are adoptive brother/sister And they are children of the same household.

In the event of a tie break places will be allocated as outlined in criteria four.


Thirdly to children whose families regularly worship as part of a Christian church. Applications must be supported by a Minister’s reference confirming attendance over the last two years and sent directly to the school (the ‘Supplementary form’ is attached to the admission policy and is available from the school).

 Christian church means:

  • The Church of England or other Anglican Church, or
  • A Christian church which is in membership of Churches Together in England (or its partner bodies in Scotland, Wales & Ireland), or
  • Church or a congregation, which can provide evidence of affiliation to the Evangelical Alliance.

In the event of a tie break priority will be given to children falling into criteria three and then criteria four as described below. 

Church Applicants will be considered by the Governors on the basis of information provided on the Supplementary Form as confirmed by Church/Place of Worship representatives, if the Parent/Carer and/or the child are regular worshippers. This means attending Church/Place of Worship two or more times a month for a minimum of the last two years.

 ‘Worship’ in the above includes not only Sunday services, but also weekday ones and it includes Sunday School or equivalent on a Sunday or on another day, so long as the group is primarily about worship.

‘Minimum of years’: Parents/Carers should calculate the minimum number of years’ attendance as including the period up to the date of application closure.

Fourthly all other children, beginning with those who live closest to the school. Distances from home to the centre of the school, measured using the latest South Gloucestershire Council Routes to school Gazetteer.

 The closing date for on time applications is 15th January 2020. Applications received after the closing date are ‘late applications’ and will not normally be considered for the initial allocation of places. However, the reason why the application is late will be considered before deciding whether or not to consider it along with the on-time applications.

If places become available following the initial allocation of places for the reception year, the same criteria will be applied to late applications, or applications for children whose parents have indicated in writing that they still wish to be considered for a place.

Deferred Admissions will be in line with South Gloucestershire LA arrangements, as set out in its Admission to Primary Schools booklet.

For admission during the school year, the number of children in any single Year Group will not exceed 45. If places become available in any particular Year Group during the year they will be allocated to new children of the appropriate age on the basis of the above criteria.


If the school is full in the relevant year group and a place is not offered there is a right of appeal against this decision to an Independent Appeal Panel.   Where the child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs the appeal is to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal.


In the event of oversubscription and refusal of applications for places, a waiting list will be maintained for any vacancies which occur until the 31 July and then discarded. Priority order on the waiting list will be determined according to the oversubscription criteria for the school until 31st December 2020, after this date it will be by the date of joining the waiting list.


Where the school is oversubscribed and it does not prove possible to resolve allocation of places by the application of the oversubscription criteria set out above, any remaining places will be allocated by drawing lots. Lots will be drawn by an appropriate person, independent of the admissions process at the school.


There is a different procedure for the admissions to school for children with statements of Special Educational Needs: it is administered by the Local Authority (LA) in whose are the family lives. The LA is responsible for issuing the Statement and consulting parents and the Governing Body of St. Mary’s, if a preference has been made for the school, before the school is named in the statement

In order to fully understand this criteria it is important that you read the admissions policy which can be found in the policies part of the website. 

Applications for new Reception places are made via the local authority and must be completed by January 2020.  Information can be found on their website which you can access by clicking here. If you are looking to transfer from another school please contact the school office directly on 01454867155.