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Non-chronological Reports

Here are the features of reports:



  1. Introductory Paragraph to discuss what the report is going to be about
  2. The text should be organised into sections or paragraphs
  3. Headings
  4. Subheadings
  5. Paragraph breaks
  6. Closing statement to bring the text to a satisfactory conclusion

Language Features:

  1. Written in the present tense (except for historical reports)
  2. Formal, impersonal style ( use the passsive voice to get this tone. E.g. 'Birds of prey hunt small animals' becomes 'Small animals are hunted by birds of prey')
  3. Include technical vovabulary related to the topic
  4. Descriptive language used factually to describe and clarify rather than for vividness and effect
  5. All statements based on fact, rather than value judgement




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