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Letters are cross-genre, where we can include all the features of a specific text type but in the form of a letter.


The letter types that we have looked at are:


  1. Persuasive letter (see persuasion revision unit)
  2. Formal letter (complaint)
  3. Information letter (see non-chronological reports)


You need to make sure you know who you are writing your letter to, who is the audience?

What is the purpose of your letter, therefore what tone are you writing in? (personal, impersonal)


Then you just need to remember how to set out a letter:

 - The sender's address on the right hand side at the top

 - The recipient's address on the left

 - The date under the sender's address

 - Begin with Dear.... either Sir/Madam or the name if known

 - End with either Yours sincerely (If you know the name) or Yours faithfully (If you don't know the name)





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