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Journalistic Writing

Here are the features that make up a journalistic text:

  1. Headline - catchy (grab the reader's attention), alliteration, word play
  2. Orientation - 5 W's (Who, what, where, when, why). This can often just be one sentence outlining the story
  3. Main body of text written in paragraphs
  4. Embedded clauses - E.g. 'Mr Jonh Smith, 42 from Somerset, was found guilty of stealing sweets from the local newsagents. 
  5. Quotes - Either direct ("I couldn't believe my eyes, I saw him take at least 20...") or indirect (A witness told us that he was seen taking at least 20 sweets from the store...)
  6. Written in the 3rd person
  7. Generally written in the past tense (you are reporting something that has already happened, although some points might refer to the present or future)
  8. Picture and caption - A snapshot showing a part of the story you are reporting
  9. Re-orientation - What is the latest? What is happening to the people involved now?




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