St Mary's C.E. Primary School

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Ash, Beech and Sycamore

Each week children should spend around 1 hour 30 minutes completing their homework. 

Homework tasks are set on a Friday and expected to be handed in on a Wednesday morning.

Reading records should be in school every day. These will be monitored once a week.

Homework includes:

Reading at least 3 times per week with an adult 

Learning times tables

Learning spellings

Weekly literacy / maths / theme task set on a Friday



Word List - Year 3 and 4 By the end of year 4 the children should also be able to spell a range of words set out by the new curriculum.  These will be covered during the year in the spelling list.  A complete list will be stuck in your child's homework book.

 There are no set spellings to practise at home this week. However, please use the opportunity to practise some words from the Year 3-4 word list at the back of your homework book.


Mrs Bright's Spelling Group Mr Scudamore and Mrs Silverthorn's Spelling Groups




In addition to the above spellings all children are expected to be able to read and spell the first 100 and the next 200 high frequency words by the end of year 2. These can be found using the following links:

First 100 High Frequency Words

Next 200 High Frequency Words


All homework needs to be handed in on a Wednesday in their homework books. Children who do not complete the task for the week will need to complete it during Friday afternoon playtime.  Please note that homework handed in after Wednesday may not be marked.

Ash Sycamore Beech

Y3-4  Homework Friday 16th March 2018


This week, we would like you to practise writing complex sentences.

A complex sentence has a main clause and a subordinate clause eg.

Because it was raining, Mrs Bright took her umbrella.

  1. Add a subordinate clause to these main clauses:

The children ran outside ____________________________________________________________________

Gordon was excited _______________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________, Emma finished her homework.

  1. Add a main clause to these subordinate clauses.

___________________________________________ even though she was exhausted.

Whilst the sun was shining, _________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________ until the dragon set fire to the house.