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Welcome to the Foundation Stage 

In the Early Years we have two classes:

Lemon and Lime

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In class we are learning... about the traditions of Chinese New Year and Weighing using language 'heavier' and 'lighter'


Cross-Curricular Theme

Chinese New Year

ICT Using


Religious Education Chinese New Year

SEAL(Social and Emotional aspects of Learning) 


Welcome back to Term 4, we hope that you have had a good break from school. It is surprising to think that we are already half way through the academic year.

On Monday the children will be sharing their holiday news, and then writing a simple sentence or two, using their phonic knowledge. Please discuss with your child what they could share with the class.

Our theme for this first week is celebrating the Chinese New Year. The children will learn about the traditions and customs of the Chinese people and why it is now the year of the dog. They will write a list of ingredients needed for a Chinese Stir Fry, and on Tuesday afternoon at 1.45pm we will all be off to Tesco to buy the ingredients that we need. We would be grateful for any offers of help to walk the children to and from Tesco. Please let us know on Monday if you are able to help. The following day the children will be following a recipe to make the Chinese Stir Fry, and then, having the opportunity to taste it.

In numeracy this week we will be looking at ordinal numbers as we sequence the animals in the Chinese New Year story, the children will have an opportunity to write some Chinese numbers, and later in the week we will be weighing fruit and vegetables, discussing which item is heavier/lighter and then how many cubes make the scales balance? You can support your child at home with this by asking them to feel two different household objects and describing them using the language heavier or lighter. We also try and look at common misconceptions such as bigger things are always heavier e.g. kitchen roll compared to a tin of food for example.

Throughout the week the children will have the opportunity for many creative activities including making rangoli patterns using coloured rice, colouring Chinese flags, making paper chain dragons, writing their name using Chinese lettering, making fans and Chinese watercolour painting. They will also learn some information about China and have the opportunity to look at books about the country.

The children will continue in their phonic groups, where they will practise blending to read simple words and sentences, and, when ready, learn new sounds. These sessions will take place four times a week.

Intervention groups will continue this week supporting children, when necessary, to develop their listening and attention skills and also their number work skills.

Our four (two in each class) teaching students are returning to St Marys for Term 4. They will at times, under our supervision, support groups and take some whole class sessions as they develop the skills needed to become teachers.

Another request for help, on Thursday 1st March Lemon and Lime Classes are going to the library. We would be grateful for offers of help to walk the children to and from the library. We will be leaving school just after 9am and returning about 10.45am. Please inform us if you can help. Thank you.

The Foundation Stage Team

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