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Welcome to Year 2

This year we have two straight year 2 classes owing to the larger year 1 cohort. The year 2 classes are:

Willow and Apple

You can click on the class names to find out information specific to the class. This web page shows what we are learning, class news and some useful links.

 In Class we are learning...


Termly Overview Term 6 by Anonymous Xb5EVfWG on Scribd



In term 4 we will be using this story...

Image result for No lie pigs and their houses can fly develop our skills in:

- Using past and present tense.

- Using apostrophes for possession. 

- Using compound words and nouns with er and ness suffixes. 

- Using complex sentences. 

 This will be a three week unit before moving on to instruction writing. Children will learn to organise their writing, include complex sentences and use adverbs. 


 9.4.18 We will have one day this week revising the strategies which we have been taught to add, subtract, multiply and divide. We will then spend four days looking at 2D and 3D shapes. Please ensure that your child is able to name common shapes such as circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon,  octogan, sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, pyramid, prism and can use mathematical terms such as faces, edges and vertices to describe their properties. 

16.4.18 We will spend two days revisiting calculation strategies and using these to solve word problems. We will then spend a day revising measuring in cm using rulers. We will then revise telling the time using an anologue clock to 5 minute intervals. 


Term 4: We will be practising basic computing skills such as typing, logging on, using word and accessing the internet safely. 



This term our theme is a science unit called Material World.  Children will learn about the difference between an object and the material it is made from.  They will sort materials in different ways and think about what makes different materials appropriate for the object. 


Religious Education - This term we will be learning about Passover. 

SEAL - It's good to be me

Value - Hope

For activities at home, here are some websites you may find useful: 

Here are some websites to practise literacy activities with your child at home. - Lots of great activities based on building sentences, connectives, punctuation and more. - Spellings games - Loads of activities divided into Grammar games (for practicing using a range of words in writing) and Punctuation games (for using a range of punctuation in the correct places). - A selection of games for practically every area of Literacy!

We also have a range of word mats that we use in class, click on the red words to open the mats.  You can use these at home to help develop your childs language.  You could give them an opener, an adjective and/or a connective to put into their own sentence, talk about the meaning of unknown words or challenge them to change their sentences using more interesting words   

Here are some useful websites for practising maths activities with your children at home - Lots of fun activities set for different age groups. - Good for addition and subtraction. - Good for recognising numbers, ordering, and printables. - Good timed flashcards for addition/subtraction. -Lots of activities for different areas of maths. - You need to register for this site but it is free. There are good addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. - Good number problems playing around with addition/subtraction. - Good for a huge variety of skills and focused for different year groups. (Keyboard Typing)  

Reading and spellings 

We have put together some questions which can be used when talking about books with your child at home.  These will help to develop their understanding of the text.  We have grouped these into Questions for developing readers, Questions for reading and Questions for more able readers. click here to see the spellings page. -  If you would like more books to read at home, you can access many different fiction and non-fiction texts by following this link :  Please also remember that we do have books which children can take one of at a time, these are found in our class and are levelled by colour.