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Welcome to Year 5 and 6

In Year 5 and 6, we have three classes:

Maple, Oak and Chestnut  

You can click on each of the class names to find out information specific to the class. This page shows what we are learning, class news and some useful links.


In class we are learning...

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Literacy: Wk beginning 1st Jan:  Discussion Texts

Phase 1

Children to look at some discussion texts and understand the structure, particularly the use of grammar and level of formality and impartiality required.

Phase 2

Children look at short burst pieces of writing, utilising different grammar techniques and writing two pieces in varying styles to understand them.


Phase 3:

Children to put together arguments for and against a certain topic and then write their final discussion text based upon it.

 Maths: Chestnut & Oak Class

Wk beginning 15th Jan


Can I read and write ratio?


Can I solve problems involving ratio?


Can I scale shapes up and down?


Can I recognise special numbers? (prime, factors, multiples, common factors/multiples) odd/even and solve visual problems?


Can I use Venn and Carroll diagrams?


Wk beginning 22nd Jan


Can I add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions?


Can I convert between mixed numbers and fractions, and order fractions?


Can I recognise equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages?


Can I find fractions of amounts?


Can I find percentages of amounts?

Spellings for Revision

The 100 words mentioned in the email, and brought home by your child are:

accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached, available, average, awkward

bargain, bruise

category, cemetery, committee, communicate, community, competition, conscience, conscious, controversy, convenience, correspond, criticise, curiosity

definite, desperate, determined, develop, dictionary, disastrous

embarrass, environment, equip (-ped, -ment), especially, exaggerate, excellent, existence, explanation

familiar, foreign, forty, frequently

government, guarantee

harass, hindrance

identity, immediate(ly), individual, interfere, interrupt

language, leisure, lightning

marvellous, mischievous, muscle

necessary, neighbour, nuisance

occupy, occur, opportunity

parliament, persuade, physical, prejudice, privilege, profession, programme, pronunciation


recognise, recommend, relevant, restaurant, rhyme, rhythm

sacrifice, secretary, shoulder, signature, sincere(ly), soldier, stomach, sufficient, suggest, symbol, system

temperature, thorough, twelfth

variety, vegetable, vehicle


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