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Useful Websites

Your teachers have gathered a list of websites which will help you with your learning. Let us know if you have any other favourites so we can add them!


Numeracy:                         Literacy:                       Science:              ICT:

Woodlands Junior School          Woodlands Junior School       KS2 Bitesize               Dance Matt Typing

Maths is fun                               KS2 Bitesize                           KS1 Bitesize               Hector's World Video

KS2 Bitesize                               KS1 Bitesize                           Science Museum        Kara and the SMART Crew

KS1 Bitsize                                 Headline History (KS2)

Maths Zone                                The Magic Key (KS1)

Estimating                                          - A great selection of ebooks for all ages.


Just for Fun:

BBC games